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Welcome to Le Bocage
Near the Compton village in the Eastern Townships, in the heart of the pastoral countryside of the Coaticook valley, Le Bocage Country Inn will make you live an unforgettable stay and experience culinary delights.

Combining the charm of yesteryear and the comfort of today, Le Bocage offers you calm rural surroundings with all the necessities to make you feel right at home.


Rooms : Tuesday to Sunday

Restaurant : Tuesday to Saturday

Closed on Mondays year round :)

reservation always required
Farewell and thank you
After 30 years of presence in the magnificent countryside of Compton, an important page will be turned ... a chapter, dare I say... a book... will come to an end.

For 20 years, I have lived to the rhythm of the seasons. It is time for me to face new challenges. An excitement... tinged with a deep nostalgia lives within me, knowing that I will soon leave this inviting environment that nourished me all these years. Surrounded by passionate and talented people, I hope to have been up to the challenge in promoting the products of our area and the craftsmen who shape them.

In July, this almost bicentennial house will resume its family vocation ... will resume? No, will retain. For since my arrival here, all the people who have climbed the main staircase and crossed the front door have been received as members of the family. Like a short stay at a distant cousin living in the country.

How to say goodbye without saying thank you? I can't pass over in silence all the souls who have trampled the floor of this kitchen ...
Dominique and Michel, founders of the bocage, Patrice and André, who acquired the inn with me in 1997, Melanie having taught me so much in the kitchen from the get go . The sweet presence of Stephanie, welcoming and smiling for several years. Johanne, during one summer, gave me some well deserved time off. Jerome, a great friend and accomplice in the kitchen, and of course Nicolas who brought me his incomparable and precious support for 10 years. All these people and many others had a significant impact in what the bocage is today ... an Inn that will have been my life for 20 years.

The dam having given way upstream, a cascade of events impels me to present the bocage intact until July 8th. A very short time, I confess, to say goodbye and thank you. Thereafter, several items will have to disappear. More than 20 years of objects, trinkets, furniture .... memories, will have to find a new home ... your home. A unique opportunity for you to acquire a moment of your experience at "your cousin living in the country ". To know that a piece from here will make you think of the bocage, warms my heart since I will keep a lovely memory of you, if only by reading your messages left in the guestbooks, a ritual I do...when the need arises.

An unqualified thank you to all of you for sharing my dream and my passion.


## A big sale will soon take place, I'll keep you informed of the date ... until then, if you already have an idea of ​​what represents the bocage for you, contact me in private on the facebook page.
200 Moe's river Road
Compton (Quebec) J0B 1L0
Phone. 819-835-5653

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